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Shop Like Never Before!

In a bid to break the status-quo, the Jovi app is here to fill the void in Pakistan’s digital shopping arenas. Building a sound connection between consumers and vendors, the Jovi app offers a unique home shopping experience. In the first stage, Jovi app aims to serve the populace of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. If you are someone who loves to explore products on your smartphone, Jovi app gives you a list of top-notch restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other shops to choose from.

Jovi app empowers its users and consumers like never before. For the first time in Pakistan, you can build a shopping cart of up to five pitstops. It means you can order your favorite pizza, get your medicine, and shop for your important grocery items in a single go. You don’t have to pay separate delivery charges for every item anymore. You order everything you need in a single order fee. Digital shopping was never this much convenient in twin cities.


Medicines Delivered!

Feeling sick and don’t have the energy to go to a pharmacy to get the medicine? Don’t worry because Jovi has got your back. Now purchase medicines online on the Jovi app. All you have to do is to upload the prescription of your doctor or physician while creating your order on the Jovi app. Life is Rewarding with Jovi!


Grocery Delivered!

Are you short of home supplies but have no time to drive down to a grocery store? Worry no more! Jovi has the time to do it for you. Log into the Jovi app and select the grocery items you want. Once you check out, your Jovi rider will deliver the items to your doorstep in the shortest possible time.


Sumptuousness Delivered!

Whether you are craving a sumptuous pizza or want to enjoy the delicious local cuisine, Jovi is always here for you. You can simply log into your Jovi app and select from a wide range of restaurants operating in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Select your desired food and subtly check out. Your Jovi rider will deliver your food in no time.

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